Many companies are using mobile applications as the basis for their business.
The mobile app can also help expand the audience of your web project.
For video portals, we offer the development of SmartTV for any application vendors.
The most fashionable create an application for Smart hours, such as the Apple Watch, or other wearable gadgets .

If something is unclear, you can feel free and always ask us.


Development of games for smartphones (iOS, Android) is a priority for the mobile geymdeva because this area allows to achieve excellent results with minimal crew and incredible speed.

% Commercial experience creating games turnkey in our studio is not enough. We are pleased to accept your orders with a symbolic payment for our work. Creative and enthusiastic gamers (programmers, designers, producers) with the experience.

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The mobile app will help you reach a wider audience and get additional sales channel for your business. Also, mobile applications are a great addition to your internet portal.

In any case, the development of mobile applications to make your product or service much more attractive and convenient for the consumer.

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First of all this kind of application will be of interest and video sharing portals, video broadcast materials.

However, there are cases when this type of application would be beneficial to look in other media sectors.

Many manufacturers SmartTv equipped with remote controls joystick that allows such applications to entertain the user is not worse than watching video clips.

In many ways, the development of applications for modern TVs is similar to developing applications for the browser.

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Development of applications for the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, add-ons and extensions for Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, add-ons for Opera.

That tools can be useful in business, especially when performing routine tasks. By using extensions, you can optimize the processes in departments and work efficiently.

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You would think that the smart home is expensive, difficult and too pompous? It's not like that at all.

In the world assumed that the home automation - is an investment not only in comfort but also in the economy, concern about the world.

Single interface or application for smart home does not exist yet, so this issue is relevant to this day.

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Globally, the difference between "site" and "web applications" can be reduced to the replacement of "information content" on "interactivity". That
Web-based application is intended to provide the service itself.

Order a web application from an experienced developer - the right decision
After all, we in the portfolio dozens of different applications..

Web applications are good ease of implementation, development speed, cross-platform.

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Competencies allow our developers to port the application on any platform. However, this is not the most "budget" method. Therefore, based on the needs we will recommend the most cost-effective option selection technology.

For web applications have an easy way of porting to other platforms - such as can be "packaged" in the Web version of "mobile web app" that will not work without the Internet, but receives additional marketing and functionality.

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