Entrust professionals completion of the site and monitoring site performance and diagnose problems. Thus there will always be either a resource access.

In our studio, you can select the appropriate tariff for the provision of services, depending on the required manpower.

Programmer for an hour, the designer for an hour - take executive intellectual labor rent.

We strive to provide quality services and give a guarantee on their work, so we offer you to get acquainted with level agreement Service (SLA).

If something is unclear, you can feel free and always ask us.


  • You are provided with a personal manager who will monitor the progress, follow the timing and quality of execution.
  • The tasks are entered on the board of accounting tasks ( ) and evaluated for difficulty (low, medium, high, hardcore), and also sorted by priority.
  • According to the task of the expert notes actually spent time on it. You can always see the progress report.
  • You can always check the progress of work and contact with experts working on your tasks.

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This service involves non-stop monitoring of the health of your sites, immediate support for malfunctions, as well as regular work on filling and moderation on your site.

If you're away or on vacation, you do not have the skills or content management system, and you do not want to delve into the technical details.

You can forget about broken website or unpaid hosting and domain. We do not forget about such seemingly trivial things.

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You have a new requirement for admin. Panel? Opens a new direction? I changed phone? All these and other alterations of a site we are willing to perform with joy! Of course upgrading site costs money, so we formed a special rates for current customers of the studio:

from 5 hours
from 20 hours
from 40 hours
from 160 hours


You can book one-time completion of your project. In this case the problem previously measured in terms of time spent on these work time professionals.

If the project is already known to us, we can fix a preliminary assessment. But if a new project for us - we have to work on the fact of elapsed time, until a complete analysis of the raw materials of the project

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